Miyama Autumn Leaves NoGa
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Miyama Autumn Leaves NoGa

Miyama Autumn Leaves NoGa
Miyama Autumn Leaves NoGa

Mijima Autumn Leaves NoGa,
It is miyajima’s first full-fledged experience place where you can enjoy a walk wearing high-quality kimono and elegant Heian costumes.

A rich and delicate Japanese heart that dwells in the graceful beauty of traditional costumes.
From Miyajima, a World Heritage Island,
It was established with the aim of becoming a place where it can be communicated to the younger generation and the world who are spinning the next generation.

In addition, as “Lien Miyajima-Liang Miyajima-“,
We launched a brand of original bags made with European textile and kimono obi and Miyajima traditional craft potter’s boxwork.
May the beauty of Japan reach the hearts of many people.

Please feel free to familiarly and familiar with the traditional beauty of “Hon-no-hono”.

address593 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City, 2F, Omotesando
business hoursReservation required (reception hours vary depending on the plan)

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