5 pieces of smooth red bean paste flavor

Waffle with light purple smooth bean paste is our standard product which is elegant taste. Please enjoy a taste harmonyzing our original bean paste and egg-rich waffle.
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Shelf life: Approximately 12 days
raw materials:
Sugar (manufactured in Japan), eggs, azuki beans, wheat flour, syrup/emulsifier, expander
Nutrition Facts per serving
calories 103kcal, protein 2.2g, fat 0.6, carbohydrate 22.2g, salt equivalent 0g
Allergy: egg, wheat

[Hokkaido azuki beans with sweet red bean paste and sweet red bean paste]
Hokkaido azuki beans are used for the bean paste. Koshi-an is made by peeling the azuki beans and cooking only the bean meat, resulting in the wisteria-colored koshi-an, a characteristic of Fujiiya’s bean paste. This is Fujiiya’s traditional method that allows the taste of the azuki beans to be fully appreciated.

[fluffy baked sponge cake].
The sponge cake that envelops the red bean paste is baked with fresh eggs from a nearby farm and baked to perfection.
We use our own flour, which is milled exclusively for us so that the original flavor of the wheat can be felt.
To ensure that the sponge cake is well-fluffed in the baking molds, the artisan brushes oil onto the molds while baking, considering the balance between the bean paste and the sponge cake.
The secret to the hearty and delicious taste is that artisans do all the manual work, such as adjusting the heat and time.

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 7.5 cm


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