New Product Launch: New Hiroshima Ramen on Sale!

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Yes, this is Miyajima. New products have been added to the

Noodles are delicious” matured semi-fresh noodles
4 kinds of variety set, 4 servings

Setouchi Noodle Factory Nakagawa’s four variety sets allow you to compare tonkotsu shoyu flavored Hiroshima ramen, lemon salt ramen, spicy hot tsukemen, and soup-less tantanmen.
Aged authentic noodles made with a special manufacturing method that takes time and effort can be made with one pot.
Boxed, it is recommended as a souvenir or gift.

Cooking example
(Upper left: Tonkotsu shoyu flavor, upper right: soup-less tantanmen)
(Bottom left: Lemon salt, Bottom right: Spicy hot tsukemen)

For those who want a quick taste of authentic Hiroshima ramen, a two-pack of Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen is also available.

Tonkotsu Shoyu Hiroshima Ramen 2-pack
540 yen

Please take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

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