Basque cheesecake made with sake lees from Hiroshima Prefecture

Basque cheesecake made with sake lees from Hiroshima Prefecture

“Basque” cheesecake is a topic born in the Basque Country in Spain and popular all over the world.

By baking and scorching at high temperatures for a long time, you can feel the aroma of caramel, and it is characterized by its gentle sweetness, a texture that seems to melt, and a black and unique grilled texture. Above all, there is almost no smooth aftertaste that remains in the mouth peculiar to cheesecake. Because of that, I just eat another bite and another bite.

Estimated time to ship: about 10 days
Cannot be bundled with other products due to cool delivery.

$22,44 (税込)


It is a product that the owner of Takeuchi and Chef Ishioka ate in the Basque Basque region of Spain, adding “Hiroshima local sake sake lees” to the Basque cheesecake, and further deliciously arranged and finished in “Basque style”.
With the rich aroma of cheese and the gorgeous aroma of sake, it is finished in a sweet that can only be eaten here at Hotel Miyajima Villa!
When we served it at the dessert corner of a restaurant, people said, “I want to eat it at home too! I want to have it at home too!

Please taste rich and moist Basque cheesecake at home. It is a gift that is pleased with souvenirs and gifts!

[About the product]
6.5 cm (width) X 4.5 cm (height) X 14 cm (depth)
■Contents: 400 g
Ingredients: cream cheese, fresh cream, eggs, flour, sake lees, sake, sugar (contains flour, eggs, milk ingredients)

■ It may take 10 days to ship for made-to-order products.
Please understand it beforehand.

[Thawing method to eat deliciously]
■ Store your cheesecake in the freezer immediately.
■ When serving, please thaw it in the refrigerator as it is in the box.
■ The thawing time is 3 hours after putting it in the refrigerator. Depending on the state of the refrigerator, the thawing time varies.

※The expiration date is one month from the date of manufacture (shipment packing date).
Please enjoy as soon as possible.

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 30 cm


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