Gift Box (Momiji's Encounter × Hanaru & Oisuta)

Gift Box (Momiji’s Encounter × Hanaru & Oisuta)

“Momiji’s encounter” was born from the half-joked idea that “If you can eat momiji manju and oysters together, you can enjoy Miyajima more.”.
The blessings of the islands of setouchi, such as seaweed salt in the Seto inland Sea and organic lemons in the Seto inland Sea. After trial and error, the sweetness and the scent of lemon peel spread in the mouth refreshingly “Momiji’s encounter” was born.
In order to find the oil pickle that best matches “Momiji’s encounter”, as a result of purchasing almost all kinds on the market and tasting it, I arrived at Kurasaki Kaisan’s Hanaru & Hanasei (Oi & Oisuta) with the deliciousness of the ingredients.

You may also put Hanaru & Hanasei on “Momiji no Encounter” and eat it as it is. In addition, while referring to the “delicious serving method” below, you may be devised.

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[How to enjoy delicious “Momiji’s encounter”]
Delicious one-time arrangement
Without oil in the frying pan, “Momiji no Encounter” is unglazed for 5 minutes on each side over low heat. Please enjoy the aroma of freshly baked, the aroma of Setouchi lemon, and the soft texture.
・When baking with a toaster, the surface tends to be crisper than unglazed in a frying pan.
・Please enjoy a new food encounter with your favorite arrangement, such as oil pickled oysters and liver patties, and combined with cream cheese and bean paste butter at tea time.

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You can see recommended arrangement recipes and various ways to enjoy it in “#もみじの出逢い”.

[The story of the birth of “Momiji’s Encounter”]
~ Castella’s Awakening. A new encounter trip ~

“We are great friends!”

They have been with each other as a miji manju for more than 100 years, and two of them are anko and castella dough. One day, the two of them quarreled for the first time over which was the leading role and which was a supporting role because of the triviality. Castella dough jumped out to the town of Miyajima.

The scenery of Miyajima is the first time I visit alone.
I noticed that it was too close to me so far, friendship with oysters.
Interaction with anko’s relatives, an butter.
Encounter with lemons on the islands of setouchi.

While re-noticed the irreplaceable anko existence,
Castella fabric that began to find a new self little by little through various encounters.
The journey continues in search of further encounters.

“Momiji’s encounter” was born from the half-joked idea that “If you can eat momiji manju and oysters together, you can enjoy Miyajima more.”.
Beyond the boundaries of momiji manju so far, we have taken the form of “the pleasure of encountering food”.
Combined with oyster oil pickles and liver paste.
During coffee time, you can add raisin cream cheese or sandwich butter.

In developing new products, we pursued the deliciousness that satisfies the castella dough as it is. Hakataya’s proud castella dough came to see the blessings of the setouchi islands, namely seaweed salt in setouchi and organic lemons in setouchi. After trial and error, “Momiji no Encounter” was born, where the sweetness is modest and the scent of lemon peel spreads refreshingly in the mouth.

This is a small travel ticket. Now, what kind of food would you enjoy with this “Momiji’s encounter”?

Hakataya new product sale Momiji’s encounter
~ Setouchi Organic Lemon & Setouchi Seaweed Salt Castella Momiji ~

■Ingredients, allergies and nutritional components
[Momiji’s encounter × 10 pieces]
raw materials:
Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), sugar, eggs, vegetable oils and fats, butter, organic lemon, starch syrup, algae salt / emulsifier, expansion agent, flavoring, coloring (carotene)
Allergens (specific raw materials):
Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans
Per nutritional indication (estimate):
Heat 93 kcal, protein 1.7 g, lipid 4.1g, carbohydrate 13.2g, salt equivalent 0.06g

[Hanaru & Hanasuta × 1]
Ingredients: Kaki (from Hiroshima Prefecture), edible corn oil, soy sauce
Allergens (specific raw materials):
Wheat and soybeans
Per nutritional indication (estimate):
Calorific value 343 kcal, protein 17.3 g, lipid 25.1 g, carbohydrate 11.9g, salt equivalent 2.1g

Shelf life: 30 days

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 30 cm


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