Anagomeshi( boiled conger eel and rice with special sauce) 2conger eel set

two boiled anago with special sauce ( rice is not included) if you have a bowl of rice, “Ta-da!” Miyajima’s famous cuisine is on your table!
*make-to-order manufacturing (it may take 10 days before shipping)
*deliver in frozen state, please keep it in the freezer)
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¥3,800 tax included (e.g. price)

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<Set Contents
Conger eel (2 pcs.) x 2 sets
●2 cups of Kuwata rice
With secret sauce
Contents: 600g per bag
Ingredients: rice (100% Kuwata rice, produced in Hiroshima Prefecture), grilled conger eel, soup stock (kombu, bonito), kabayaki sauce (sugar, soy sauce, salt, kelp extract, bonito extract, yeast extract, yeast extract, proteinaceous water solution/caramel color, thickener, seasoning, sweetener), (includes wheat, soybeans, and mackerel)
Calorific value: per 100g (194kcal)

■The container for the sauce of the Anago Meshi set has been renewed. Please note that you will receive the product in a different container from the one shown in the photo. Please note that the amount of contents will remain the same.

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 30 cm


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