Anago-meshi set (2 fishes) x 2 sets (with 2 cups of Kuwata rice and secret sauce)

Anago-meshi set (2 fishes) x 2 sets (with 2 cups of Kuwata rice and secret sauce)

The taste of Miyajima 100 years inn. Speaking of Miyajima, “Anago” is the specialty of Miyajima. We have prepared a set of boiled conger eel and secret sauce so that you can enjoy it at home. Just put the soft and tender conger eel on the rice. We hope you will enjoy our special conger eel rice with your family.
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<Set Contents
Conger eel (2 pcs.) x 2 sets
●2 cups of Kuwata rice
With secret sauce
Contents: 600g per bag
Ingredients: rice (100% Kuwata rice, produced in Hiroshima Prefecture), grilled conger eel, soup stock (kombu, bonito), kabayaki sauce (sugar, soy sauce, salt, kelp extract, bonito extract, yeast extract, yeast extract, proteinaceous water solution/caramel color, thickener, seasoning, sweetener), (includes wheat, soybeans, and mackerel)
Calorific value: per 100g (194kcal)

■The container for the sauce of the Anago Meshi set has been renewed. Please note that you will receive the product in a different container from the one shown in the photo. Please note that the amount of contents will remain the same.

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 30 cm


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