Momiji-do Nuts Setouchi Lemon

Momiji-do Nuts”, a new product from Miyajima Benihayado, baked using a Momiji-manju baking machine.
Momiji-do’s Momiji-manju is made of sponge cake dough (seeds), which is baked to melt in the mouth with a light texture.
Based on this experience and technique, we made doughnuts based on financier dough. Financier is a delicious pastry baked over an open flame in the oven, with a crispy surface and a moist, buttery interior.
In “Momijido Nuts”, I made it so that I can feel the moistness of the dough more by pouring the dough into a doughnut mold, closing it in a pinch type and baking it.

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Product Details: Momiji-do Nuts, Setouchi Lemon
Contents: 1 piece
Ingredients: eggs, vegetable oil, white sugar, almonds, wheat flour, lemon peel, glutinous rice flour, milk fat, syrup, honey, emulsifier (from soybeans), baking powder, flavor (from milk), color, lemon flavor
Shelf life: 5 weeks from the date of manufacture
We will ensure that the products have a minimum shelf life of 6 days when you receive them.
※ In the case of Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote island, the best before date when the product arrives may be 5 days.
Allergenic ingredient labeling: egg, flour, flavorings (derived from milk)

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

one (object), three (used in legal documents), two (objects)


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