Miyajima Sightseeing Tour
Itsukushima Shrine's Otorii

Miyajima Sightseeing Tour

Miyajima Sightseeing Tour

Itsukushima Shrine has long been known as a maritime temple,
There was a manner of going through the Otorii gate by boat from the mainland.

In order for our customers to experience this tradition,
We operate a “rokai boat” that proceeds only by human power using ancient Japanese tools called tower.

In addition, in Miyajima, which can be enjoyed in all four seasons, a special view from the sea,
We also guide you in “Ryuzubune Momiji” and “Kiyomori II”.

address1-22-15, Tomi Higashi, Hatsukaichi City
business hours9:00~17:00

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