Introducing “Miya Rikyu – Shinzen no Yado”! (Ryokan Participating in “Yes, It’s Miyajima” OPEN Campaign)

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Writer:Daiki Hamamura

 I have been with the company for 10 years and have been involved in event management and “work” at the information center as a tourist association employee.
 On the other hand, I have always enjoyed “fun” in Miyajima, such as drinking with friends, enjoying Miyajima’s gourmet food, climbing mountains and visiting shrines and temples.
 As a person who loves Miyajima, I will provide you with information that you can’t find in other media, so that you can have a good time, based on my experience of both work (dealing with customers) and play!

“What do you recommend about Miya Rikyu?

Miya Rikyu is a memorable inn for me, where I once spent a leisurely New Year’s party with kaiseki cuisine.
To put it briefly, the following points are what I have felt in my 10 years of service at “Shinzen no Yado Miya Rikyu”.

There are so many elements that give you a sense of freedom!
It is a good location in many ways. I recommend it to those who want to do sightseeing quickly with as little stress as possible!
Enjoy a full meal! The inn is recommended for those who want to enjoy “food”.

Now let me explain in detail!


 If you stay at Miya Rikyu, you can (1) arrive at Miyajima by ferry, (2) take a rest, and (3) go sightseeing simply and quickly.
 After a long journey. Instant! I want to get rid of it, don’t you? And your luggage. Instant! I want to release it. And then… Instantly! To sightseeing!
 It is possible to do so at Miya Rikyu.
 It may be a good idea to take a bath in the large bathhouse (15:00-23:30 OPEN) with the best view on the top floor to quickly recover your strength.

For those who still want to make their move easier.
“There is a waiting area for rickshaws (easy and fun transportation and sightseeing♪) right in front of Miya Rikyu.
Most of the time you can get on right away.

Lobby (sofa, etc.)
Lobby (Model for the largest ritual of Itsukushima Shrine, the Kangen Festival)


When you enter the room, you will be happy to find Miyajima’s famous Momiji Manju (sweet bean-jam bun) ^^.
The gentle sweetness will surely soothe you…
Let’s have some tea with it!

Ocean side corner room, Japanese-style room
(You can see the sunset and the Otorii gate light up♪)
Corner Room Japanese Style
(Magnificent view of the sea and mountains)
Sea side Japanese style room
(Open view of the sea and sky)
City side, corner room.
(View of Mt.)

There are three main room patterns.
kotoh kotoh room:A beautiful view and a relaxing time ( my recommendation ).
kotaino (Indian indian indian indian fabrics): The indian indian indian fabrics are used in the kotaino industry.
kotoh special room:A spacious room with only one room in the hotel.

Some rooms are lit up♪ (Otorii is under repair work)

Among them, we recommend the Japanese-style rooms where you can enjoy the Miyajima-like atmosphere and the attractive location.
In a corner room facing the Seto Inland Sea, you will feel as if you are a part of the nature of Miyajima.
The view differs depending on the room. Please check carefully when you make a reservation.
The photo of the room is an example. There are various other types of rooms available.


Just looking at all the gorgeous food lined up is enough to make me happy.

Rank-up Kaiseki (example)
Breakfast (example)

The secret of the delicious taste is the craftsmanship backed by the rich career and passion of Executive Chef Utsumi!

Hisanori Utsumi, Executive Chef
 Kappo Restaurant 8 years
 Ryokan chef 9 years
 Chef at ryokan for 17 years
 After that, he became the executive chef of Miya Rikyu.

Greetings from the Executive Chef
 We try to create dishes that give you a sense of Miyajima, including conger eels and oysters.
 In addition, we create dishes that can be tasted to the maximum by fusing “tradition” such as the experience of local cuisine cultivated over many years and “modern” such as the way of presentation and cooking methods that match the times.
 Please enjoy the taste of Miyajima and Miya Rikyu!

On social networking sites, people often say that the food at Miya Rikyu is not only “delicious” but also “filling ” and that they are satisfied with both the quantity and quality of the food.


One of the best things about traveling is the feeling of freedom.
This open view of the sea, sky and mountains will take your breath away and make you forget your daily life.

Urashima no Yu
Otohime no Yu

What exactly is the view?
✅Urashima no Yu: Luxurious view of the five-story pagoda, Senjakaku, Otorii (you can see it when you stand), Mt.
✅Otsuhime no Yu: The ferry is going majestically across the Seto Inland Sea ♪ (no ferry service from about 10:30)

This is the kind of bath where you can move to various positions and enjoy various views.
It’s hard to tell from the pictures and video, but you can see the wide sky from the edge and it’s refreshing.


We hope you have found the following points to make your stay at Miya Rikyu comfortable and relaxing.

Openness: The bath, the room and the view from there are wonderful and make you feel open.
Convenience: Strong for easy sightseeing! When you arrive at Miyajima, you can take a short break and leave your luggage right away.
Satisfaction: You can eat a full meal of dishes that have been carefully prepared.

In addition to regular travel, this service is also available for reunion parties.
Before the Corona disaster, I had a New Year’s party where I enjoyed delicious Kaiseki cuisine and had a luxurious and fun time ^^.
Please use “Shinzen no Yado Miya Rikyu” for various occasions! Please feel free to contact us.

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